Dear Greg:

How privileged I feel to be in a position to write you a letter of ultra commendations because of the outstanding work your associates did in my home recently.

In all my years I have never seen greater precision work done than your team did when hanging my pictures. Not only were they very methodical in their efforts, but they were so pleasant and so willing to take suggestions and presented themselves in a most effective manner. They were a team and the interest they showed in each move that they made reflected their interest in evidencing perfect performance.

Also they were subject to questions, they gave excellent answers and took on their assignment with great dispatch, which gave the assurance the work would be done to the total satisfaction of their client.

I congratulate you on the precision you require and the selection of workmen who meet your standards. I would recommend your company for anything you state you do for your clients. Feel free to have anyone call me or show them this letter.

Thanks for fixing the piece to fit under the display case and send me a bill for the work you have done when it is all completed.

Many thanks, my friend, and I will call on you again. My best regards to all of you with blessings.

Jackie M. Greer
Houston, Texas

To Whom It May Concern:

My husband and I interviewed and priced several different general contractors and home remodeling companies in an effort to begin an extensive home remodeling project on a home we had recently purchased. After this nearly two-month process, we selected Greg Deese of Honey-Do Handyman.

Greg and his team of professionals were knowledgeable and helped us get into our home within a reasonable period of time. We moved into our home before the work was complete, but never felt the stress of having Greg’s team there. Greg is an excellent communicator and would give us status updates frequently to answer questions before we had a chance to ask. This was the most impressive dimension to Greg’s level of customer service.

Greg had a sincere interest in helping us stay on budget. He made suggestions of how to take what we had and rather than rip out and rebuild, to replace such items as moldings, paint, and adding more updated features to the existing room.

At the end of the day, or home has been transformed and we are proud of the investment we made. We would highly recommend working with Honey-Do Handyman and look forward to “Phase II” of our remodel project with Greg.

Roberta Konicki, Vice President
Sempra Energy Trading Corp.

Dear Mr. Deese,

We recently hired your firm to complete sheet rock repair in our kitchen as well as repairing a crack in our living room ceiling caused by a leak in the plumbing.

Your painters did an excellent job of doing the aforementioned repairs and then stripping wallpaper in the kitchen and painting the area that they had repaired. They did the same fine work in the living room.

Their arriving on schedule and taking the time to protect all of the areas they were working in impressed us. When they were finished, the cleanup was excellent.

We feel the price was fair, the work was excellent, and we would not hesitate in having your firm do additional work at our residence.

Jack Wilson
Houston, Texas


As we prepare to move from Houston, I’d like to take this opportunity to say you and your company has been the most responsive, fairly priced and professional remodeling company we have ever dealt with.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to family, friends or coworkers. In fact, I’m almost hesitant to do so because I’m afraid you’ll become too overloaded with business.

I truly appreciate the way you’ve treated my wife and myself over the years, have delivered top quality work in the time frame that was promised.

Your company is first rate and we wish you all the best.

James S. Thompson
Houston, Texas

I just can’t thank you enough for all the times you have saved me over at that house. I really appreciate you. They were so polite and I know it is hard to do that kind of “sentimental” work.

They just popped the ironing board (antique fold out) and that mantel out so professionally and it really meant alot to me as that was the house my Dad built in 1939.

The mantel will fit two places and the wood under that awful white paint will dcome off for sure.

Thanks and my cousins I think still call you and I know you probably don’t need the business but will send it your way.

Your office, the girls, have really made my life better as I still have some serious medical problems and they are right there with help and do what they say and I never had to worry once they set the date.

Thanks for everything. If you have anyone coming to Clear LAKE. . . DON’T FORGET ME. . . AND if you ever open a branch office. . . hope it is in Clear Lake area.

Good luck to all you nice crew and office staff,

Joanne Fink
Clear Lake, Texas

Dear Greg,

I just wanted to tell you that I am so impressed with the work you and your crews have done in my house. Out of the 5 different jobs you have completed here, I can honestly say that every one has turned out exceptional!!! I have, and will continue to refer my friends to you for work in their own homes, as well as anyone else that needs remodeling done. Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time!!!!

Thanks for your continued service, and always in a timnely and professional manner.

Cheri Forrester
Bellaire, Texas


Please convey to your whole office that I was undergoing some severe medical treatment at the time the plumbing problem happened and I have NEVER had such a kind and nice office that took over and took care of the problem and took care of me.

I am better, though the pneumonia is still there, but my blood pressure is down and I was at stroke level.

Check will be mailed tomorrow but I just can’t say enough about your office team that helped pulled me through this.

Do you think that we need to schedule a bi-monthly snake or do you think it was just the way it was???

Again. . . Bless you and your office for the kindness shown to me and just taking all the stress off me on this one. Wonderful, wonderful people. Thank you all for the help and the fix.

Joanne Fink